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Sir George Seymour Passenger List

Sir George Seymour Passenger List – Chief and Fore Cabins

Beecham Mr Alfred
Bilton Mr John Schoolmaster
Bilton Mrs
Brittan Mr Wm. Guise and Mrs. and four children
Burke Mr Michael
Cooke Mr Leonard S.
Cookson Mr C. J. Wentworth [Cookson, Mrs. Wentworth (nee Macfarlane)]
Crompton Mr Thomas
Davie Mr Cyrus
Denton Mr Arthur John and Mrs. and three children
Dicken Mr Joseph
Fendall Mr Walpole C.
Harman Mr Richard J. S.
Hill Mr James [and Hill, John]
Jacobs The Rev. Henry and Mrs. Jacobs
Lake Mr Alfred
Macfarlane Mr and Mrs. Dugald and five children
Macfarlene Miss
Parker Mr Horatio
Philips Mr. and Mrs. Henry and six children [Charles, George S., William, Thomas, James, Frederick, John]
Philips Mr Frederick
Rooke Mr Leonard Home
Richards Mr and Mrs.
Richards Mr Joseph
Walker Mr Roger C.
Walker Mrs
Ward Mr Charles S.
Washbourne Mr Henry
Washbourne Mrs and four children
Watts-Russell Mr
Watts-Russell Mrs.
Wilkinson Mr Frederick Surgeon-Superintendant of the “Sir George Seymour.”
Wright Mr John T.

Steerage Passengers
Anderson Mrs
Anderson John Andrew
Ashby John wife and two children
Austen Thomas wife and six children
Austin Benj. Jones
Bevins John 41 Ag Labr
Bevins Harriett 28
Bevins William 8
Bevins John 6
Bevins Henry 4
Bevins Elizabeth 2
Bevins Joseph 1 died on the voyage to NZ.
Bevins Harriett 6 mths
Bradley Mrs
Brown Thomas Malmesley
Caulfield Rebecca
Church Mr Israel
Church Mrs and three children
Corlett Stephen 44 agricultural labourer
Corlett Jane 44
Corlett Eliza 8
Corlett Benjamin 6
Corlett Alfred 2
Corlett John 16 agricultural labourer
Corlett Mary Ann 20 servant
Cresswell Mr Thomas 36 Carpenter
Cresswell Mrs Jemma 29 and four children
Dalton George wife and child
Dillaway John wife and three children
Druton wife and four children
Drury George wife and child
Durey Elizabeth
Finch Emma
Garlick William wife and child
Graham Thomas wife and three children
Holden Charles
Inwood Daniel 47 d. 1876
Inwood Marianne 41 d. 1905
Inwood George Thomas d. 1886
Inwood William 17 d. 1926
Inwood Elizabeth 13 d. 1900
Inwood James 10 d. 1903
Inwood Mary Ann 8 d. 1930
Inwood Daniel Newman 4 d. 1905
Inwood Augustus Robert 2 d. 1915
Inwood Frederick Richard 1 d. 1939
Lewis Mr Thomas
Lewis Mrs and child
Marks Francis
Marks Mrs
Miln Catherine
Matthews Joseph
Norman wife
Phillips family
Ritchie John
Rossiter Mr Peter
Rossiter Mrs Mary
Rossiter Miss Elizabeth
Salt Eli wife and three children
Stubbs John 30 quarryman
Stubbs Jane 30
Stubbs Arthur infant
Thacker Mr
Thacker Mrs
White Mr Charles
White Mrs

Sir George Seymour Passenger List

Sir George Seymour

Sir George Seymour Passenger List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the four ships compiled from the Lyttelton Times 18th January 1851.
Sir George Seymour Passenger List of Steerage passengers compiled from information included in the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists and the Barracks Registers.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this passenger list is accurate, we would recommend that you undertake your own research before relying on the accuracy of the information in the list. E&OE

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  1. Barbara Miln

    There is a name missing here which appears on the plaque in Cathedral Square. My husband’s Great Aunt, Catherine Miln, was a passenger on Sir George Seymour.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you for that information – the list has been updated.
      Interestingly, in the Christchurch Star 15 December 1900, there is a published list of passengers on the First Four Ships. And your Catherine is in there – but is named as Miss Kate Miln!

    2. admin (Post author)

      You might want to also go over to our sister website: firstfourships.nz where I suspect Catherines name may also be missing

  2. Greg Forsythe

    The Denton family were John Frederick Denton, his wife Anne and their 8 children.
    His wife Anne and 3 of his children died in 1851 from fever.
    The Arthur John mentioned above was one of the children aged 16 at the time and was married in 1857


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