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Randolph Passenger List

Randolph Passenger List – Chief and Fore Cabins

Bayfield Arthur D. d. 1861
Bayfield Mrs Matilda and child
Beelby Richard C. returned to England 1851
Blanchard H. Richard
Boly E.
Bridge C.J. Mr
Butterfield Joseph
Duncan Thomas
Duncan Mrs T.S. and child [Miss]
Earle James W. Surgeon-Superintendant of the “Randolph.”
Earle Mrs J.W.
Earle Ellen 13
Earle Edward 9
Earle Katherine 8
Earle infant
Flemming Richard John
Flemming Emma Mary
Flemming George Spencer 1
Flemming Emily 4
Harrison Thomas Haynes
Keele Mr F.F.
Parlby Mr
Lee Parson
Puckle The Rev. Edward
Puckle Mrs E.
Puckle Edward 15
Puckle Summers 12
Puckle Sidney 10
Puckle Mary 6
Puckle Murray 3
Puckle Keel infant
Ransom Miss Schoolmistress
Stoddart Mr Schoolmaster left the colony
Stoddart Mrs left the colony
Taylor Miss W.R. Schoolmistress
Tullock Mr.J.
Willock The Rev. William W.
Willock Mrs [& 1 son?}
Wood William Dearsley

Steerage Passengers
John 38 gardener
Bailey Mrs Madeline 29
Bailey Eliza 3
Bailey Madeline 4
Bailey Henry infant
Bennington John 38 ag. labourer
Bennington Mrs Ann 32
Bennington John 12
Bennington Ann 10
Bennington James 8
Bennington Mary A. 5
Bennington William 2
Bourn C.J. groom & ag. labourer
Brown Charles 34 sawyer
Brown Martha 37
Brown Martha 1
Bryant William 29
Bryant Mrs Ann 22
Bryant William 1
Bryant Sarah infant
Campbell John ag. labourer & surveyor
Campbell Mrs Frances 36
Campbell Francis 7
Campbell Charles 3
Campbell Alfred 1
Chaney William George 47
Chaney Sarah 42
Chaney John 11
Chaney Charlotte 4
Chaney Elizabeth 4
Chaney Joseph 2
Chaney Randolph born aboard
Chaney William 18 stone mason
Chaney Emma 17 domestic servant
Coslins Thomas 23 ag. labourer
Coslins Mrs Eliza 26
Coslins George 1
Crouch Cherry 22 domestic servant
Cox James George 18 storekeeper
Cox Louisa 24
Cutting David 21 miller steerage paying
Fitch Margaret 26 domestic servant
Foulkes Thomas 35 house servant
Ferguson Donald 40 lighterman
Free John 35 labourer d. 1866
Free Mrs Mary 30 d. 1892
Free Henry 15 labourer
Free William 10 d. 1877
Free Mary 10
Free John A.S. 8
Free Robert Rhys 6
Free Elizabeth Emily 4
Free Jane 1
Gosling William 30 ag. blacksmith d. 1879
Gosling Mrs Lucy 30 d. 1890
Gosling Charles 6
Gosling Mary 5
Gosling William 3 d. 1879
Gosling Elizabeth 2
Harper John 26 ag. labourer
Harper Elizabeth 22
Harper Elijah
Harper Randolph born aboard
Jeffreys John 24 ag. labourer steerage paying
Jenkins Frederick 22 carpenter
Kerridge Charles George 19 house servant
Lane William 32 butcher
Lang James 23 labourer
Lang Mrs Mary 26
Lang Mary infant
Luxford James 35 builder steerage paying
Luxford Mrs Sarah 34
Luxford John 11
Luxford William 9
Luxford Sally 7
Luxford Edward 5
Luxford Ann 3
Luxford Robert infant
Luxford Jane 36 domestic servant
McLean John 26 carpenter steerage paying
Neil Elizabeth 23 domestic servant
Orchard William 37
Orchard Mary 25
Orchard Hiram 12
Orchard Sarah 10
Orchard Caroline 7
Orchard Enoch 4
Orchard William 2
Perry Frederick 25 ag. labourer
Phillpot John 34 ag. labourer
Phillpot Mrs Lucy Jane 29
Phillpot Frederick 9
Phillpot Edwin 7
Phillpot Adolphus 5
Phillpot George 3
Phillpot Olive infant
Phillpot Isaac 36 gardener
Phillpot Mrs Mary 32
Phillpot Albert 9
Phillpot William 7
Phillpot Lydia 4
Please Hannah 23 domestic servant
Pye John Thomas 21 ag. labourer
Shepard Edward 30 carpenter
Shepard Mrs Sarah 32 d. 1868
Shepard Sarah 4
Shepard Emma 1 d. 1883
Sleath William 26 steerage paying
Soar George 36 gardener
Soar Mrs Sarah 32
Soar William 1
Smart William 45 ag. labourer
Smart Sarah 39
Smart Orton 12
Smart Eliza 10
Smart Enos 9
Smart Enon 8
Smart Enoch 6
Smart Elijah 5
Smart Eli 2
Smart William infant
Smart Amon 18 ag. labourer
Smart Amos 17 ag. labourer
Smart Amy 16 domestic servant
Smart Edward 14 ag. labourer
Stanley John 23 ag. labourer
Stanley Mrs Mary 19
Steel John 19 steerage paying
Stokes William 32 ag. labourer
Stokes Mrs Sarah 35
Stokes Elizabeth 13
Stokes Thomas 12
Stokes John 10
Stokes James 9
Stokes Sarah 6
Stokes William 3
Stokes Charles 1
Stokes Mary 15 domestic servant
Storer Edward 26 ag. labourer
Storer Mrs Ann 29
Storer Thomas 3
Storer William 2
Storer Edward infant
Taylor George 25 labourer steerage paying
Waghorn Arthur 36 lighterman
Waghorn Louisa 32
Waghorn Mary A. 8
Waghorn Louisa 1
Wall George 24 enroute to Melbourne
Wall Sophia 21 enroute to Melbourne
Williams John 41 baker d. 1850
Williams Isabella 42
Williams Elizabeth 13
Williams Marjory 10
Williams Isabella 7
Williams Mary 4
Williams James J. 2
Williams Emily infant
Williams John 16
Williams Theodore 38
Williams Mrs T. 34
Williams Catherine 11
Williams Daniel Theodore 9
Williams Charles Hood 7
Williams Margaret 21 domestic servant
Woodford Richard 39 ag. labourer
Woodford Ann 38
Woodford Richard 3
Woodford Elizabeth 2
Woodford Mary A. 1

Randolph Passenger List


The Randolph Passenger List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the four ships compiled from the Lyttelton Times 18th January 1851.
Randolph Passenger List of Steerage passengers compiled from information included in the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists and the Barracks Registers.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this passenger list is accurate, we would recommend that you undertake your own research before relying on the accuracy of the information in the list. E&OE

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  1. Kathleen STRINGER

    Charles Smith (from Christchurch England) worked his passage. he appears on the surgeon’s list, but isnt crew or passage. He attended the reunion.


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