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Meeting 21st May 2023

21st May 2PM
Knight Stream School, 1 Killarney Road, Halswell
Guest: Bishop Peter Carrell

We are pleased to say we have Christchurch’s Bishop Peter Carrell coming to speak on the progress on the Christchurch Cathedral rebuild. Progress is being made and not all of it is visible from groundlevel.
I took this photo from the Library next door and was surprised to see looking down how much had been accomplished. The safety fences prohibit a good view from street level and with the War Memorial now standing in the old Police Kiosk place and the cathedral visitors centre torn down there appears to be quite a bit of room around the cathedral for workmen and building materials. The roof in the front has temporarily been done with corrugated iron to make it weather proof.
As our meeting is on a Sunday time is in short supply naturally for a Bishop so this meeting will be run on a slightly different format from our usual style. We will have the Bishop speak first, then after his departure we will have our meeting business followed by afternoon tea. All this requires is that you be on time for a prompt 2pm start.

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