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Cressy Passenger List

Cressy Passenger List – Chief and Fore Cabins
Beard Mr George C. d. 1863
Birch Mr John
Dobson Mr Edward 33
Dobson George, child
Dobson Arthur, child
Dudley The Rev. Benjamin Wooley 44
Dudley Mrs 40
Dudley Fanny 10 (Frances)
Dudley Henry 5
Dudley Charles T. 7
Dudley Edward
Gale Mr Hamilton
Gale Mrs.
Harvey Mr W.
Jones Mr H
Jones Mrs.
King Mrs Martha
King Miss Frances
King Miss Jane
King Miss Sarah Anne
King Charles
Lawrence Mr William 18
Peach Mr Conyers
Pickering Mr George W. 18 d. 1913
Porter Mr David
Rankin Mr George
Read Mr W. H.
Toomath Mr Edward Schoolmaster
Townsend Mr
Townsend Mrs.
Townsend Mr James
Townsend Mr Charles
Townsend Mr William
Townsend Mr Robert
Townsend Miss Mary
Townsend Miss Frances
Townsend Miss Alicia
Townsend Miss Priscilla
Townsend Miss Maria
Townsend Miss Margaret
Watkins Dr. Daniel Surgeon-Superintendant of the “Cressy”
Watkins Mrs
Watkins Stephen Child
Watkins Laura Child
Watkins Alfred Child
Watkins William Child
Welsh Mr David
Wright Mr Edward
Wyatt Mr Benjamin

Cressy Passenger List – Steerage Passengers
Allan Robert wife and two children
Allwright wife and five children
Baker James wife and six children
Barrell Samuel
Bennett Joseph 40 gardener
Bennett Margaret 40
Bennett William 18
Bennett Margaret 12
Bennett Richard 11
Bennett Elizabeth 9
Bennett Stephen 5
Bennett John 3
Bennett Fredrick infant
Childs Joseph wife and three children
Cleaver Henry wife and four children
Clifford Maria
Duffell William 38 farm labourer
Duffell Jane Elizabeth 31
Duffell John 9
Duffell Emma 8
Duffell Ellen 6
Duffell George 4
Duffell Emily 3
Duffell Elizabeth 1
Dunford wife and six children
Evans Robert 24
Evans Sarah 23 and two children
Frost wife and three children
Ford William Ambrose 39 carpenter
Ford Mary 39
Ford Martha Anne 18
Ford Emily 16
Ford Rebecca 14
Ford Sophia 12
Ford Emma 10
Ford Susannah 6
Ford William Ambrose 4
Ford Henry 1
Halliday C.N. wife
Higham wife and two children
Harper wife and two children
Harman John
Hart Michael Brannan 35
Hart Mary Ann 34
Hart George Robert 9 d. 1911
Hart Michael Brannan 7
Hewett Thomas wife and child
Hewston Charles
Kent Thomas 23 carpenter d. 1915
Kent Mary 24
Kent Edward 2 d. 1920
Kent Joseph 17 brother to Thomas
Moore Christopher 16 House domestic servant
Mouldey Moses 38 bricklayer d. 1882
Mouldey Eleanor 37
Mouldey Henry 17 bricklayer
Mouldey Sophia 14
Mouldey Moses 12
Mouldey Edwin 9
Mouldey Mary Ann 6
Mouldey William 3
Mouldey Phoebe 1
Mouldey Eleanor born at sea 21.12.1850
Oakonfull Henry 17 Agric. Laborer
Oakonfull George 16 Agric. Laborer
Oldfield William 38 Agric. Laborer
Oldfield Harriet 35
Oldfield Charles 4
Oldfield William 2
Oldfield Charlotte inf.
Parish William
Parish Mrs W.M.
Parish Jacob
Parish Isaac
Parish William
Parish Isabella
Parish Elizabeth
Parish John
Parish Abraham
Patrick Joseph 38 agricultural laborer
Patrick Alice 30
Patrick Elizabeth 10
Patrick David 8
Patrick Maria 6
Patrick Smith 5
Patrick Thomas 3
Patrick Harriet 1
Patrick Joseph infant
Porter David 22
Presley Henry and wife
Presley Samnuel wife and three children
Quaife John Price 38 Labourer
Quaife Mary A. 33
Quaife Mary A. child
Stace Hugh wife and three children
Whitmore wife and three children

Chief Cabin Passengers
Archives reference: CH290. CASP 1/3:p3
Cressy Passenger ListFore Cabin Passengers
Archives reference: CH290. CASP 1/3:p4
Steerage Passengers – Married
Archives reference: CH290. CASP 1/3:p1
Steerage Passengers – Single
Archives reference: CH290. CASP 1/3:p2

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List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the four ships compiled from the Lyttelton Times 18th January 1851.
Steerage passengers compiled from information included in the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists and the Barracks Registers.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this passenger list is accurate, we would recommend that you undertake your own research before relying on the accuracy of the information in the list. E&OE

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  1. Hume Presley

    Henry Presley is missing from your passenger summary..he was was married with children. His brother Sammuel was single.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you for that. We have checked the hand written list that was used onboard the Cressy, and sure enough Henry Presley and his wife are on the married passengers list.
      We have made the changes above.


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