New Flag Holder

Very grateful to Committee member Brian Dixon who has turned this beautiful kauri flag holder and small wooden box to hold our flag safely when not in use.

The kauri tiimber is from a Seed Cleaner from McKays Seed Store, Cust, North Canterbury, originally in use 100 years ago.

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  1. Dr Robyn Hewland Q.S.M.

    16 Dec 2019 -we celebrated 169 years at another annual ceremony in Lyttelton at the “Rock” that marks landing there of “First Four Ships” from UK of Canterbury Association, then, at a lunch together. Thank you to our Honorary President, Secretary, Treasurer and all organised it all again. I hope next year’s 170th of our inheritance will be well celebrated by many members and others. My great- grandfather, Dean Henry Jacobs D.D, landed from ship St George Seymour, and was a leader in many areas. He learned Maori after arriving and mutual respect is recorded by their leaders. The Pioneer Woman’s shelter on Summit Rd at top of the Bridle Path incluses a seat to his wife, Emily Rose Thompson.


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