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Mission Statement

The Canterbury Pilgrims & Early Settlers Association Inc was established in 1923 and is a non- profit

  • The object and the aims of the Association is to promote friendship among the Descendants of the Early Settlers of the Canterbury Province and others by Social Activities.
  • To inspire and perpetuate a Feeling of Respect and Admiration for the Pioneers of Canterbury and Foster their Spirit.
  • To hold Regular Meetings of an interesting mature and promote Literary and Historic matters dealing with Pioneer Adventure and Endeavour in Canterbury.
  • To collect and preserve Books, Manuscripts and Records of Historic Interest. Such donations and gifts to be held in Trust by the Association in a secure and safe environment to ensure their survival and security for future generations.
  • To encourage the investigation of the Historical Topography of Canterbury with the Identification and Marking of Places of Historical Interest.
  • Generally, to encourage all attempts to engender and spread knowledge of the History of Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • Engage all Voluntary or paid personnel as deemed necessary by the Association.
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