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Kate Sheppard House Visit

The newsletter is still a work in progress as they say, but as we are going out in April to Kate Sheppard’s House for a self guided tour and afternoon tea on April 18th and they require 2 weeks advance confirmation and pre payment  The cost is $24. per person, we are asking if you wish to go please pay before 31 March.
Your payment must show up in our bank account by 6pm on the 31 March.
I know it is short notice and we apologise for this but it is unavoidable if we wish to go this April.  The house closes up at the end of April and is only open for functions until next Spring.  We get to see the gardens as well as the house and it promises to be a lovely afternoon out in a special setting.
You will have our  newsletter  before we go and it will give you the address etc. as well as our program for the coming quarter.
Kindest Regards to everyone,

Kate Sheppard’s House

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