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Isabella Hercus Passenger List

Isabella Hercus Passenger List

Chief Cabin Passengers
De Mole John L.
De Mole Mrs
Edgar George H.
Heath Mr
Heath Mrs
Hopper Thomas
Parkerson Burrel
Parkerson Knowles
Shand Charles
Shand John
Shand Thomas
Sidebottom Henry
Willis J.T. Surgeon Superintendent of the ‘Isabella Hercus’
Willis Mrs
Willis child under 14
Willis child under 14
Willis infant
Wilson Rev. James PP
Wilson Mrs
Wilson Sibella Mary child under 14
Wilson Beatrice child under 14
Wilson Cecilia Anne child under 14
Wilson Catherine child under 14
Wilson Margaret child under 14
Wilson infant
Wormald Richard

Fore Cabin Passengers
Anderson Humphrey
Bell Hugh
Blackford [Blatchford] William
Bruce Thomas
Hayter Henrietta
Hayter Richard
Smart William
Smart Hannah
Smart John
Smart William
Klipsch Ed Frederick
Percy John
Platt John Tate
Shears Robert
Wilcox John Smith
Wilcox Eleanor

Paying Steerage Passengers
Clarke Robert
Danby Charlotte
Danby John
Lewis Ed

Steerage Passengers
Allott William 26 Gardener
Allott Mary 30
Allott Elizabeth 4
Allott Jabez 2
Ashby Edward 25 Farm Labourer
Ashby Harriett 25
Ashby William 12
Ashley Anne 27
Ashley Joseph 24 Tailor
Brown John 20 Blacksmith, Carpenter, Farm Labourer
Brown Charlotte 27 Governess
Chince Charles 19 Agricultural Labourer
Cocby Henry 30 Carpenter & Cooper
Cocby Ellen 23
Collis Hannah 22
Collis Henry 24 Agricultural Labourer
Duncan George 31 Agricultural Labourer
Duncan Jane 25
Duncan Catherine infant
Denne William Henry 21 Agricultural Labourer
Evans Catherine 39 Laundress
Evans Margaret 14 Domestic Servant
Fairfield George 23 Maltster
Fairfield Ann 25
Flowers-Biffin Lucy 20 Domestic Servant
Ann 28 Domestic Servant buried at sea *info
Gould Anne 22 Domestic Servant
Hagerty Dinah 39 Dressmaker
Hagerty George Thomas 15 Labourer
Hughes Robert William 26 Domestic Servant
Hughes Susan 28
Hughes Robert William 4
Hughes William James infant
James John 19 Agricultural Labourer
Johnson Henry 38 Agricultural Labourer
Johnson Mary 31
Johnson Sarah 10
Johnson Caroline 3
Klipsch Frederick 25
Martice Henry 23 Farm Labourer
Martin Charles 30 Carpenter
Martin Eliza 32
Martin Charles 8
Mutton Thomas 25 Agricultural Labourer 10
Mutton Susannah 18
Nichols Joshua 28 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah Ryder 25
Esther 4
Ellen 3
Nichols Emma 1
Nash Charlotte 21 Schoolmistress & Dom. S.
Nash Daniel 18 Schoolmaster
Owen John 32 Agricultural Labourer
Owen Martha 30
Owen John 1
Philpotts James 20 Agricultural Labourer
Playsted Alfred George 42 Farm Labourer, Widower
Playsted Charly 16 Farm Assistant
Playsted Mary 16 Domestic Servant
Playsted Sarah 12
Playsted Isabella 6
Price Emma 30 Domestic Servant
Reisice Richard 22 Farm Labourer
Roberts Ann 39 Seamstress & Laundress, Widower
Roberts Anne 9
Roberts Caroline
Roberts John 13
Roberts Mary 7
Roberts Robert 18
Roberts William 11
Rutland John 26 Carpenter & Gardener
Rutland Mary 26
Rutland John 1
Smeaton Robert 38 Blacksmith
Smeaton Anne 31
Smeaton Sarah Anne 11
Smeaton Thomas 8
Smith Caroline 28 Domestic Servant
Solly Edward 19 Labourer & Butcher
Solomon Dorothea 23 Domestic Servant 5
Stephenson John 18 Labourer
Stephenson Sarah 19 Domestic Servant
Thomas William 21 Gardner & Cow Keeper
Vickery John 33 Agricultural Labourer
Vickery Mary 29
Vickery James 10
Vickery John 9
Vickery Thomas 7
Vickery Benjamin 5
Vickery Charles 3
Walter George 28 Farm Labourer
Walter Lydia 35
Walter Amelia 12
Walter George 8
Wigzell Charles 21 Tanner & Gardener
Wigzell Hannah 20
Wigzell Charles Edward 2
Wigzell Walter George infant
Wolley George Henry 17 Baker & Labourer
Wraight William 35 Agricultural Labourer
Wraight Mary Anne 28
Wraight William infant
Wurst George John 25 Labourer
Anne 25
Wurst Sarah

Isabella Hercus Passenger List

List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the Isabella Hercus compiled from the Lyttelton Times 8th March 1851.
Steerage passengers list compiled from information compiled from the Lyttelton Times 5th April 1851.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this passenger list is accurate, we would recommend that you undertake your own research before relying on the accuracy of the information in the list. E&OE

 * Ann Freckingham was born 1 Nov 1821 in Brownlee Street, Holborn, London, the daughter of Thomas, an oil man, & Arabella Freckingham. Baptised on 10 Nov 1821 at St Andrew’s Holborn. Thomas Freckingham had married Arabella Hildyard in 1816 in Bigby, Lincoln. On the 1841 census at Bush Lane St Swithin, Ann aged 19 is a domestic servant living with her mother Arabella 40, stepfather William Penn 39 a printer, brother Henry 18, half sister Helen Eliza Penn 12.
Ann committed suicide during the night of 28 Nov 1850 on board the “Isabella Hercus”. She
had been “depressed and quiet” and “disappointed in love” according to witnesses. She had hoped to jump overboard but the deck was always populated even at night. She strangulated herself with string wound 3 times around her throat. She was buried at sea; the money found sewn into her clothes was said to have been returned to her relatives.

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