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Grubb Cottage, Lyttelton

Grubb Cottage

Grubb Cottage, Lyttelton. CC Licence 2.0. Image courtesy of www.flickr.com. Christchurch City Library Ref CCL-GC-2010-P1100808.jpg. Copyright: Christchurch City Library 2010.

Grubb Cottage, 62 London Street, Lyttelton.  Built in 1851, the cottage is the oldest surviving domestic dwelling in Lyttelton and one of the earliest in Canterbury.  Historically it was the first section of land sold within New Zealand, and not pre purchased in England.

It was built by John Grubb who was one of the first residents of Lyttelton.  His business as a shipwright resulted in him also owning the first ship in port.  On his death he was buried in the cemetery off Canterbury Street.

Despite being extended as the Grubb family grew, it remains in relatively original condition and it is fascinating to wander around the inside and see the various ways the walls were covered during the ages.

Grubb Cottage is now a protected building and was registered in 1996 as a Category II Historic Place by New Zealand Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga for its architectural, historic and physical significance.

Article courtesy of Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre
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