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Castle Eden Passenger List

Castle Eden Passenger List – Chief and Fore Cabin

Jackson The Rev. Thomas, D.D., Bishop Designate of Lyttelton.
Jackson Mrs and two sons.
Montague The Lord Frederick
De Bourbelle Mr Henry H.
Calvert Mr Charles A.
Maunsell Mr Charles I.
Kent Mr and Mrs and family
Mason Mr and Mrs and family
Hanmer Mr Thomas
Haylock Mr T. B, Surgeon-Superintendent
Haylock Mr Cornelius
Haylock Mr Alfred
Freestone Mr Anthony Freestone
Hart Mr Thomas
Fitzgerald Mr Gerard George
Buchanan Mr John J.
Brice Mr Frederick
Beardmore Mr Septimus
Skinner Mr Christopher
Bowley Mr and Mrs and family
Simpson Miss
Bryan Miss
Adley Mr Antill
Davison Mr and Mrs
Denham Mr Alfred
Holmes Mr William
McCardell Mr and Mrs
Willoughby Mr John
Willoughby Mr Charles
Fletcher Mr and Mrs and child
Buxton Mr and Mrs and family
Beechey Mrs
Beechey Miss
Beechey Miss Emma
Beechey Mr and Mrs Henry
Beechey Mr William

Castle Eden Passenger List

Castle Eden

The Castle Eden Passenger List of the chief and fore cabin passengers was compiled from the Lyttelton Times 1st March 1851.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this passenger list is accurate, we would recommend that you undertake your own research before relying on the accuracy of the information in the list. E&OE

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