AGM 2020 Agenda

2PM 15th March 2020 – Hao Room at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre at 341 Halswell Rd

For more details contact us on Facebook, or phone our Secretary Linda, on (03) 322 5201


Our AGM is the time you have to tell us how we are doing in the running of your Association. What you like and what and how we could improve. Like most Associations we are slowly evolving with the times and hopefully getting better each year. We do need your input. If you are shy about making suggestions at the meeting please approach a committee member and it will be discussed.

The last few years the committee has been busy trying to spread the word and get new members. Our Facebook page that Linda runs has been a big success, not to mention interesting, as has the website that our member John Walker set up for us, huge improvement on the old one.
We would like to see more of you contribute to both these media, it keeps it interesting! We still need to be a bit more proactive though so all suggestions gratefully received.

Your committee works hard to make our Association worth joining with an informative series of meetings and outings so if there is anything you would like included in our program of events please don’t hesitate to say so, we will do our best to see that it happens.
May not be immediate but it will certainly be taken on board.

We would like you to bring the oldest family photo you have, we will put them all out on a table and perhaps you can give us quick intro to them just before we have a cup of tea after the AGM. Not all of us have painted portraits, but it would be nice to see some of your ancestors just the same and a quick bio on them. Nothing formal.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for our 2020 AGM.
– Beverley Bolland

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